This is Bruce

Bruce is a Goose from the town of Vermouth. In his youth he becouth the general of Sadoose.

Introduce Goose

The introduce goose is a happy little gander, his name rings true as Jolly Alexander.

Moose Goose

The moose goose is a goose that lives with a moose in a hoose.

Loose Goose

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! You’re a loose goose, Murray! (Murray is a goose that got loose)

Hugh Goose

Hugh Goose is a very big goose.
He’s very big indeed, he’s a very huge goose.

The Juice Goose

Did he or didn’t he? No one ever knoos. He may escape scott free, if he did it, Juice Goose.

Goose Zeus

Goose Zeus, a god from Olympoose. He rules with wonder the sky and the thunder.

Lucy Goose

Lucy Goosey has a nice hoose see.
She likes chocolate mousse and has a little thing for Bruce.

The Neese Geese

These geese keep the peace. They are indeed some very neese geese.

A Goose, I Deduce!

Shercluck Goose and his pal Waddleson.

The Caboose Goose

This goose lives on a caboose. Anyone is welcome, except for the juice.

Spruce Goose

The spruce goose flews to Anamoose and returned safely with a hold full of juice.